Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Relationships are built on trust. One of the most important elements of trust is respect for an individual’s privacy. We at Professional Insurance Producers value our relationship with you, and we take your personal privacy seriously. This privacy notice explains how we manage the personal and health information we have obtained from you and how that information has been, or may be, collected. Each insurance carrier we represent has their own Privacy Practices to protect your Personal and Health Information.

Notice of Information Practices

This description of the Information Practices of Professional Insurance Producers (referred to herein as “we”, “our” or “us”), a licensed corporation in the State of Illinois is provided to you in accordance with the requirements of the Illinois Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Law.

Collection of Information

In order to properly guide and assist you in the application process for insurance coverage, we must obtain a certain amount of necessary and helpful information. The amount and type of information may vary depending on the amount and type of coverage applied for, but in general we will be seeking information about your age, occupation, physical condition and health history.

You are the most important source of information, but the insurance carrier may also collect or verify information by contacting medical professionals and institutions which have provided care to you or members of your family proposed for coverage. Information provided to the insurance carrier by your medical professional or any other source is never shared with any member of the Professional Insurance Producers staff.

Safeguarding Your Personal and Health Information

We restrict access to your Personal and Health Information to the employees in our office and to the insurance carrier that you applied to. Professional Insurance Producers does not share this information with any other person or company. Your privacy is our concern. Should you have any questions about our procedure or information maintained about you, please contact our office at 847-297-5511.